1. Home Security
Beautiful Home?

Make sure burglars and intruders find it the least attractive house in the neighborhood.

 2. Self-Defense
The best defense?

Run and scream.

What if that doesn't work? Can you fight back? Do you have a good self-defense weapon or tool to carry with you?

 3. Financial Security
Live within your means and invest well, so you can secure your future.

Beyond that, you need to make sure you have proper insurance and asset protection strategies.

 4. Health
Eat whole foods. Watch your calories. Get regular moderate exercise. Prevent and manage chronic conditions.

Hang on long enough and science might eventually make you immortal.

 5. Sustainability
How long could you supply your family with food, water, and power if the economy collapses, or a natural disaster strikes?

Store and produce your own supply of resources.

 6. Political Security
Which political issues affect your long term security?

You may not agree with all of our positions, but we'll tell you which are the important issues to watch in the coming years.

 Our Mission

We want YOU to be prepared -- for anything that comes along. We believe that a good life is a life lived with a sense of security.

Of course you can't prepare for everything. You can only control what you can control.

With that said, we have identified 6 main things you can control in your life, and we aim to help you achieve as much safety and security as you can in those areas.

The six kinds of security we address are: household security, bodily security (from outside attackers), financial security, bodily security (from inside attackers), security of supply, and political security.
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